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juari min Sona lasin lana ge lakadi imiginli sanagina!

Sona is a worldlang created by Kenneth Searight and described in a book he published in 1935. Sona; an auxiliary neutral language (London, K. Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd., 1935, LCCN: 35016722).

Sona zi panyummadi lasin mekinkanni po Kenneth Searight ge laponi min gelen on hegini min 1935. Sona ; sokayo nadinyo lasin (London , K . Paul , Trench , Trubner & Co . , Ltd . , 1935 , LCCN : 35016722) .

The word Sona in the language itself means "auxiliary neutral thing", but the name was also chosen to echo "sonority" or "sound". Searight created Sona as a response to the Eurocentricity of other artificial auxiliary languages of his time, such as Esperanto and Ido. At the same time, Searight intended his language to be more practical than most a priori languages like Solresol or Ro, which were intended to be unbiased by any particular group of natural languages. Thus, Sona sacrificed familiarity of grammar and lexicon for some measure of "universality", while at the same time preserving basic notions common to grammars around the world such as compounding as a method of word formation. Searight used inspiration from many diverse languages, including English, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese, to create his eclectic yet regular and logical language.

en lana 'Sona' min en lasin ensi ale " sokayo nadinyo cina ", au en hani zito ge ibuni li asilan Anglalasin lana " sonority " nu, po Sonalasin, " use " . Searight mekinkanni Sona asi irilada li en Europa-lio vi inu isacivio sokayo lasinye vi on hari , sivi asi Esperanto ge Ido . a en asi hari , Searight itito on lasin li zi eta usio ne etandi 'a priori' lasinye ~ jui mi Solresol nu Ro , ci to itito li zi nayagune po he hojio gidi vi vio lasin . inyu , Sona uza iresani vi lasinsacivi ge lanage ua ci di men vi " panyunadine " , asiriu asedai kunvi menina hegio li lasinsacivi goli en panyumma sivi asi addoi asi adacinyare vi lana sinkada . Searight bini uzina ne e inuvio lasin , gei Anglolasin , Arabia , Turkia , Cinia ge Nihonia , li mekinkan on inuvinyo inli ure ge umeyo lasin .

Sona is an agglutinative language with a strong tendency towards being an isolating language. The language has 375 radicals or root wordsóbased on the terms in Roget's original thesaurus.

This site contains all the original root words, as well as many other provided by the Sona language community. Feel free to add new entries to this dictionary.

There is also a translation tool which enables you to translate words and phrases between Sona and English. It is powered by the dictionary, so add words thereto accordingly.

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